The Questant Process & Funders

Benchmarking with The Questant Process

The flexibility of The Questant Process never ceases to surprise. The Process has also been used as benchmarking tool by, in amongst others, large funders, local authorities, regeneration agencies and housing associations.

What makes the Questant Process a strong tool for benchmarking are:
1. The Process gives a common platform on which to benchmark, allowing like to be compared with like.
2. Swift reporting – a matter of weeks rather than months
3. Cost-effectiveness.

So far we’ve used the Process to benchmark:

  • Clusters of organisations delivering the same or broadly similar services e.g. after-school care.
  • Assorted community groups supported by one major funder
  • Social enterprises funded by a major housing association
  • Geographic groups of organisations supported by one central agency

Due Diligence

Funders and philanthropists (and their lawyers & accountants) have used the Questant Process as part of their due diligence process to see whether organisations can become sustainable.

The flexibility of Questant means that it does more than just measure impacts, so if you have a potential application, please get in touch with Jo Lloyd: