The Questant Process

The Questant Process is a unique, affordable analysis process which helps social enterprises, charities and other third sector organisations answer that vital question “Are we providing a positive return in financial terms for our funders?”

With the tightening up of funding, being able to prove you deliver is crucial. Organisations use the outcome of their Questant Process for many reasons – some wish to demonstrate how much their project saves the state through reducing public purse expense. Others use it to guide economic development policy or for public relations purposes. We’ve used the Questant Process with organisations who, sometimes for the first time, can turn round to funders and say “For every £1.00 you give us through funding, we return over £X.XX to the public purse. That shows we’re providing value for money and a positive return on your investment.”

The Questant Process can be used for most organisations including social enterprises, support projects, community projects and more. For an organisation, the Questant Process gives:

  • A tangible demonstration of whether or not your project, social enterprise or intervention is working
  • A demonstration of the present value of your project
  • Shows savings to the public purse and value for money
  • Provides key information for funders
  • Illustrates the desirability of your project or intervention
  • Tells you whether the benefits of your intervention outweigh the costs

What is the Questant Process?

  • It’s a process analysis of your organisation
  • It’s worked for organisations like yours – see our Case Studies page for examples
  • It invariably – but not always – uses validated information you already have, like management accounts, funder reports and statistical inputs.
  • It illustrates present value
  • It’s a point of time economic impact analysis
  • It’s independent and impartial
  • It can be delivered at organisation, multi- or single project level
  • It can be delivered at 2 year, 3 year or 5 year project anniversaries
  • It needs minimal input from you and your team
  • It’s a plain English Report
  • It’s delivered by an experienced consultancy with over 30 years third sector experience
  • It’s affordable – the standard service is accessible to even the smallest organisations. Read more here.

The Questant Process’s advantages over more conventional return on investment calculations include:

  • Low levels of management resource needed
  • Reports produced within a short time frame –  weeks rather than months – handy if you need to prove your worth to meet funding deadlines
  • Generates meaningful outcomes for your organisation
  • Eminently Affordable.

At the end of the Questant Process your organisation receives a 20 – 30 page independent report suitable for including in a funding application. The report briefly describes your organisation’s work and summarises the outcomes of the Questant Process.

You’ll find Case Studies for Social Enterprises, Community Organisations, Housing Associations, Enterprise Bodies and others here.

If you want to hear more about the Questant Process and how it could work for your organisation, we’d be delighted to talk to you. Please contact our Senior Consultant, Jo Lloyd, for more details.

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