About Us

The Questant Process allows organisations to independently demonstrate the return on every £1.00 of public, funding or grant money they receive.

The Questant Process was developed by us, out of work we were doing with local councils, charities, social enterprises, community groups and funding bodies. We found, and are still finding, that far too often, funders had put money into projects with no hard knowledge of whether or not that money generated positive returns. The Questant Process was developed to generate that knowledge.

Backed up by statisticians, programmers and mathematician, it has developed into a client-friendly, yet complex, analysis delivered by us for our clients.

Questant Process Analyses are provided by GAP Communications. GAP Communications is a long established (1992) multi-service agency helping organisations build themselves through social research, analysis, process and marketing. Questant is a trademark.

Contact Jo through jo@gapcomm.co.uk for an informal, no-obligation chat.