Jo is a highly qualified, very experienced award winning marketing, market research and social research specialist. She runs a successful consultancy business helping organisations understand, promote and measure their service delivery, core markets and marketing messages.

With a background in marketing, it might seem strange that she was a key mover in developing and designing The Questant Process.

It’s not that surprising when you realise that her main interests are in measurable forms of marketing and marketing research. Jo believes that most things can be measured and its just a matter of sorting out how you measure them in a way that is meaningful. That’s where her social research background comes in handy too.

Jo’s worked in social research for a long time – don’t ask how long, she gets upset – and has seen the increasing need for organisations, whether in the third, public or private sector, to be able to prove their effectiveness.

Jo is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society (CMRS) – Her accreditation means that every type of research she delivers must be to the high professional standards demanded by the MRS.