Case Studies – Community Groups & Organisations

Here is a brief Case Study highlighting our work with Community Groups & Organisations:

Family Support Group
A family support group asked us to apply the Questant Process to their work as they wished to find out whether or not they gave a positive return on their funders’ investment.

The group is a community group delivering support to vulnerable families, including refugee and asylum seekers and families facing the challenges of drug and alcohol abuse. It has a cocktail of funders including the local Council, the local Housing Association, Charitable Trusts and the Lottery. With the tightening up of funding, the group wished to see whether they made a positive return on their funding investment.

The Questant Process was applied to the group’s data covering a three year period. Staff time involvement was an initial meeting, some provision of data by email – all of which was held by the group as standard data – and a follow up meeting once the report had been produced.

Applying the Questant Process produced a positive return on funders’ investment.

The group is now using the Report provided as part of the Process when making further applications for funding. They are using its conclusions as proof of their effectiveness in making positive differences to people’s lives in the community in which they work. The Process report also shows funders how effective their investment in the project is.