Case Studies – Support Agencies and other Bodies

Here are two brief Case Studies highlighting our work with support agencies and other similar bodies.

Regeneration Agency
A Regeneration Agency working in a deprived area wanted to know whether three projects it supported, delivered.

The projects worked with children to encourage healthy habits; with individuals and families where addiction affected their lives and, finally, offered emergency respite care in family homes rather than in state provided social care.

The Questant Process was chosen as it 1) allowed a direct comparison between all three organisations to be made and 2) allowed the Regeneration Agency to know that a common base was being used.

Applying the Questant Process to a common time period showed that each project made a positive public purse benefit , the scale of benefit being determined by the group that each project worked with.

The Regeneration Agency, and the projects, were delighted with the outcomes as this gave a strong factual basis on which to go forward.

Enterprise Company
An Enterprise Company wanted to ascertain whether a project they funded presented a positive financial gain.

The project sought to move the long term workless (out of employment, education or training for over 6 months) into work. It enhanced their skills base and, in a tie up with employers, provided on the job training so that the long term workless had opportunities to return to the habit of work before seeking a full time position.

The Questant Process was applied to the whole project over its three year life. It showed a considerable gain to the public purse from the project which far outweighed its costs.

Unusually, we were then asked to make a fourth year projection of public purse benefit for this project and, working in conjunction with the Enterprise Company to generate meaningful figures, were able to do so.