Housing Associations support their local communities through funding buildings, community groups, social enterprises and other local projects. With funding tightening up, Housing Associations look for proof this money is benefiting the community and that’s where the Questant Process comes in.

We help Housing Associations, and the projects they support, generate evidence of return on their investment.

Here’s a brief Case Study highlighting our work with Housing Associations and LHO’s.

Housing Association
A project working with young parents (13-18 years old) wanted to know whether the funding they received from their local Housing Association gave a positive return for that investment.

The Housing Association had given financial support for a project worker and provided premises for the project worker to be based. There was concern in the Housing Association that money was going into the project and that no positive benefits were being seen.

Applying the Questant Process showed that the project did give a positive return, although the impact of that positive return was primarily seen on the local college – as through working with the project, a significant number of young parents went back into education or training.  The Housing Association counted this as a very positive return: better educated tenants were more likely to be in work, were less likely to need benefit support and would make a positive contribution to the wider economy.