Case Studies – Local Authorities

A brief Case Study highlighting our work with a Local Authority

Is a Local Authority supported organisation providing Value for Money?
A local authority asked us to apply the Questant Process to an independent organisation they were supporting to deliver childcare services. Questions were being asked as to whether or not the support provided value for money in its current form and the local authority wanted a definitive answer.

The independent organisation delivered childcare services outside normal working hours. This allowed parents in occupations such as nursing, factory work and airport support services to continue working. It also helped parents who worked shifts. The childcare ranged from a few hours in the early morning to cover shift work to substantial out of normal working hours care.

The Questant Process was applied to the independent organisation’s data covering a two year period. Staff time involvement at the local authority was limited to one email detailing the funding received by the independent organisation. Staff time involvement at the independent organisation was a meeting and some follow up information being sent on by email.

Applying the Questant Process produced a positive return on the local authority’s investment.  The cost of not continuing to support was substantial and would put extra burdens on the local authority through increased demand for their services. It also showed areas where, by implementing changes, the independent organisation could streamline its management costs and overheads, thus providing increased value for money.

The outcome of our work was that the local authority continued to fund the independent organisation as it was in their economic interests to do so.